Sunday, 1 July 2012

Midnight snack anyone?

Anyone hungry? Just looking at all this food makes me want to eat it, good job it's felt and not the real thing.

With the new felt arriving this morning, and Amara finally tucked up in bed what better way to spend the evening then sew up the sandwich set ready for testing. What do you think? Does it make you hungry too?

Sandwich  testing set

On the left we have a slice of ham, chicken and beef. in the middle is a slice of bread (I only need 1 for testing, the set will of course include 2) and on the right there is a slice of cheese, lettuce leaf, tomato and cucumber slice.


It allows you to create different combos of your favourite fillings... and here is mine, ham salad. I think the testing of these will be rather quick as they are not stuffed, and just layers of felt, so I may even do it tonight, and fill out the paperwork, which should leave me more time to test the fruit set once the clamps have been brought.

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