Friday, 22 June 2012

The good and the bad

It's always the way... something good happens, then something equally as bad follows...

The good
So I have been fortunate in finding two lovely people to be my testers for my first product the 'Fruit bowl set'. As my products are nowhere near being CE marked I am offering these products as 'gifts' in return for a small review and maybe some pics to use here. I am hoping that I can use it as a good bit of market research. The 'Fruit bowl set' contains a whole banana, 2x apple slices, orange slices, banana slices, a watermelon slice, 2-3 half strawberries and kiwi slices. Quite a good range I think, and should allow the children to understand some different shapes, as well as the different fruits available. Kiwi's had to make an appearance seeing as these are Amara's favourite fruit!

The Bad
I am stumbled across a hurdle, which I am hoping is just a small one *crosses fingers*. The food imitations regulation. I have searched so much online, but everything seems to be linked with soaps that look like bits of food, mainly slices of cakes and I cannot find anything linked with felt food. So I am just waiting for Trading standards to get in contact with me and I can quiz them over this.

But back to a more happier note: I have made my first order with the felt supplier that I will be using. I have never used their felt before, but it looks lovely. I have ordered a colour chart, so I can hopfully match things accurately; I want the foods to be a realistic as possible. This felt will go towards Amara's set as well as my two testers, and give me a good indicator on how well it will work with my products.

So watch this space... I should be able to add lovely pics of my 1st potential product in Amara's Market!

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