Thursday, 21 June 2012

Setting the foundations

Welcome all.

You have stumbled across my new adventure, the world of felt food.

It all came about rather nicely really. With the help of my brother, I wanted to make my daughter, Amara, a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday and thought some felt food would accompany it nicely. I have always loved crafts and sewing from a young age, but up until recently it had been on the back burner. So with a new sewing machine and a few supplies the first foods were created. This of course set the mind wondering to where this could lead me. Many people had commented on how much they loved the foods, and that their children would love something like it. Hense the begginings of  'Amara's Market'

I am aiming to make and sell my felt food products, but it is in the very early stages of development yet, what with obtaining vital parts like CE marks and conforming to all the regulations. Once I am passed that *daunting* hurdle I know it will be a huge success.

This blog is a way to keep track of my thoughts over the next few months in trying to become self employed and the proud owner of 'Amara's Market'

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