Friday, 29 June 2012

What a week!

So it's been almost a week since ive wrote a new post, how time flies!

I brought a brilliant pack from a place called 'Conformance' which lays out everything I need to include in my technical file. It has a great checklist, to make sure each toy is safe and some great pictures on how to do the testing.

I am quite close to being able to do all my safety tests on the fruit set,  they are looking so good, Amara even tries to eat them! I have also put in a new order today for different coloured felt ready to sew up the fruit set and the sandwich set, so they should be with me early next week.

So I've been in contact with a lovely lady on Facebook. She messaged me out of the blue and said she would love to help me create a logo. I cannot believe the kindness of people sometimes. What we have been working on looks amazing and 1000x better then what I cam up with, so watch this space for a new logo!

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